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Steps to download iBis Paint X PC on Emulator

Step 1: Download the emulatorStep 4: Search ibis Paint X PC
Step 2: Install & Open the emulatorStep 5: Open ibis Paint X
Step 3: Then Open Google PlayStep 6: Start play IPX

Now you can use one of the best drawing applications on your Computer with ibis Paint X on PC, which is a tool for those who love to draw, in which it has many other brushes and great tools, making it easy for you you to remove many different things.

It allows users to use various tools and a variety of pens, which you can do right on the phone’s touch screen or with a stylus, but the emulator will use the mouse and keyboard.

Also, it supports various fonts, so you can write text on your images, just like the PixelLab PC app.

The ibis Paint X drawing tool helps you quickly and smoothly process all your photos and be highly professional. In addition to getting the job done, it also allows you to share your work on Twitter or Facebook to send it to everyone to see.

What is ibis Paint X 2021?

Ibis Paint X is a drawing application that many people love, and it is developed by ibis inc Company and released in 2014. And now it has support in many countries, with many different languages, above all French, Arabic, Indo, and English, Vietnamese.

It also features 60 FPS/s and has more than 381 different brushes, which will surprise you, as it ranges from digital and up to normal pens, with multiple colors. In addition, Ibis Paint X has over 46 templates, around 256 degrees of choice, and over 30 colors, and other great features.

So how to use basic ibis Paint X?

First, when you open this app, then you determine your age group.

Then click the Agree button and get started after reading the terms and conditions. After that, the main interface appears. Finally, click the Gallery button to select an image.

Then, the following screen will appear, click on the + icon. You can then adjust the settings for the images you’ll upload and then click Import Image.

Now select an image from the gallery, click the OK button, and make all the different adjustments.

Advantages of ibis Paint

  • There is support for a private file feature, allowing you to upload your work in a personal folder.
  • Snapshot of the drawing process to optimize the use of
    each tool.
  • This new version has many tools, each of which plays an essential role in graphics.
  • There are over 381 pens available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
  • A new feature has just been updated that allows you to receive notifications about your artwork from someone’s comments or interactions.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of layers with layer selection properties.
  • The ibis Paint X app has over 70 different free filters, and they’re all of the best quality.
  • Ruler feature to draw line effects quickly and smoothly.

Features of ibis Paint X for Windows/ Laptop

  • There are many types of pens that support 60 fps.
  • Contains more than 142 different brushes.
  • Allows users to use different types of pens.
  • You can change the top and bottom thickness of the pen.
  • Drag feature, through which many different adjustments can be made.

1. Functions specific to each class:

With influential support, it allows you to create multiple layers according to your phone’s configuration.

You will easily Create layers in the application with various modes between opaque, single, or mixed.
It has many commands for layers, from the gallery or using the application image, as well as the mirror, rotate and horizontal and vertical properties, or increase or decrease the size of the picture.

2. Functions for manga images:

  • You can use the Split Frame to draw manga.
  • It has additional functions for writing text, and it is also possible to select the font type.
  • You can choose from 46 types of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal patterns.

3. Specific functions:

With the application ibis Paint X, it has more than 256 degrees to define the color of the outer layer for you to determine the layer.

You can also use the pens to color from within, in addition to being able to move, rotate, and select layers.

4. Color function:

With ibis paint x it also has a palette of more than 30 colors with different shades.
Drag and drop feature inside the palette to keep the new colors.

You just need to click and hold on the palette to choose a color.

What are you waiting for? Let’s use the drawing tool for your Computer with ibis Paint X Emulator for Windows with Bluestacks , NOX Player, LDPlayer now.

ibis Paint X PC
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Use ibis Paint X PC apps of ibis inc. publisher on Windows PC/Laptop with Emulator

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Operating System: Windows

Application Category: ART_AND_DESIGN

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